When Everything is Not Okay

Practical tools to help you stay in your heart & not lose your mind.

Do you struggle to find someone who understands your grief? Wish you could wade through all the emoticons and platitudes, and hear somebody tell it to you straight?

I made the When Everything is Not Okay audio program for you. And I made it for me. So much of the existing grief resources fell short for me, or they spoke to an experience I wasn’t having. I wanted someone to meet me where I was, and then help me find out what I was supposed to do with this brand new life.

If you’re living an unbearable loss, this program is for you.

When Everything is Not Okay is a 90 minute audio program acknowledging the reality of grief, and giving you tools – both practical and esoteric – to help you find your way.

You can order the audio program as either an instant-delivery mp3 download, or as a 2 cd set sent by mail. Your choice.

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What you’ll find in this program:

90 minutes of audio validating and acknowledging the path you’re on, including:

  • The reasons why mainstream grief resources miss their mark
  • The difference between solving grief and attending grief
  • Debunking the myth of spiritual immunity: being enlightened doesn’t mean you’re not in pain
  • Entering the great experiment of grief – and love.

You’ll also:

  • Find ways to distract your mind when grief is just too big
  • Determine what really helps, and what doesn’t
  • Understand why creative practice is useful, and why it doesn’t matter
  • Release the weight of responsibility you feel to “do grief well”
  • Explore ways you can hear your own heart speak, and how to follow its guidance
  • Consider the faulty grammar of “hope,” and find more authentic ways of wanting what’s good
  • Discover a place of rest and refuge in your self – even here.

You’ll get:

  • Over 90 minutes of audio
  • 3 concrete, tangible practices to help calm your mind
  • 4 guided meditations to help soothe your heart
  • and a whole lot of teaching stories – all designed to help you find your way.

Even here. Where everything is not okay.

You can order the audio program in your choice of format: an instant-delivery mp3 download for $24.95, or as a 2 cd set sent by mail for $27.90 (plus shipping).

The audio program is backed by my 30-day guarantee: if you don’t find the program useful, send me an email, and I will refund your purchase price. Questions? Send me an email.

Get the help you need to stay in your heart, and not lose your mind.

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