Are you carrying an unexpected grief?

Have you landed in some crazy world because something incredibly wrong just erupted in your life?

You’ve always been reflective – that’s the way you’re made. You know everything’s connected, but not in the flaky, airy way: more the quantum physics, call and response sort of way. Life has been full of learning and change, self-reflection and growth. But this. This new thing in your life that came sideways and from seemingly nowhere: how are you supposed to deal with this?

Not only are you in pain from the actual grief, but you’re having a hard time finding anyone who sounds like you. You end up either defending your pain or explaining yourself. No wonder you feel exhausted, dispirited, and, at a time you can least afford it: even more alone.

You want someone to start from where you are. You need some practical tools to help you stay in your heart, and not lose your mind.

Unexpected and out-of-order death, life changing illness or injury – these things happen. Not to many people, but to the person who matters here: you.

If something improbable has erupted in your life, some intense and incredible pain, I’m sorry. I won’t try to take it away from you. I won’t try to make it all better.

Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.

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My name is Megan Devine. I’m a licensed psychotherapist, writer, and grief advocate. I’m well-acquainted with out-of-order death, and the reality of living with grief. I suddenly became a widow at the age of 38: normal life at breakfast, whole new world by lunch.

Whether you’re new on the grief-path, or have begun to tentatively explore your new life, support is powerful. I offer my support by walking with you: not fixing your grief, but helping you to bear it. Honor it.

With a combination of validation and practical tools, I help you live the life that’s asked of you – with as much peace, grace, and integrity as you can.

You can live inside grief the same way you lived Before: with love, with kindness, with intention.

I help people who have had a life-changing loss, illness, or injury find ways to live with their grief.

If that’s you, let’s talk.

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